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July 06, 2002

The next L&R re-release - big news!!

I recieved this email from Steve Webbon (from BB):



The next Rockets release will be an expanded 4th album on 2 discs.

**** (Jungle Law)
No Big Deal
The Purest Blue
I Feel Speed
Bound For Hell
The Teardrop Collector
So Alive
Rock And Roll Babylon
No Words No More

Bike - BEG 224T
Bike Dance - BEG 224T
No Big Deal - remix BEG 243T
Dreamtime pts. 1 + 2 - BEG 229

Wake Up
Cuckoo Land
The Early Worm
1000 Watts
Bad Monkey (full version)

BONUS - SNAP session + interview
No Words No More - radio BEG 243T
1000 Watts of your love - radio unreleased

This should be released around October.

We're just finalising the best of tracks.

Do you know of any professionally filmed live footage for the DVD? We have 4 tracks from UC Irvine '87 (not very good) but that's all!


Well, I think it's exciting! If you have professional live footage, email me.

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