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September 05, 2003

Pre-Order Estranged, Eyewear, and another DJ show

Pre-order Estranged at Heyday.com and you can receive a free David J cd as a bonus. You only need pay shipping for the free cd. (they're the last two choices at the bottom of the page in the Heyday store - I know, took me awhile to find them, too.)

Also, Judy of Urban Blur has a photograph of David up at kirkoriginals.com.

Oooh, chic geek eyewear! 8-)

Finally, David J will be doing an in store appearance at Amoeba Records, Hollywood on October 3 @ 7 pm. Heyday reported that this will be followed by a live show at the Parlour Club @ 11 pm, but neither the PC nor DJ's site mention it, so you might want to call the club.

Today's non-L&R musical recommendation: The White Stripes's Seven Nation Army. I love it!

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