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February 13, 2003

Daniel Ash news, eventually...

So, like the Angel/Buffy fan I am, I was reading the message boards, getting info on Charisma Carpenter's pregnancy and confirming my thoughts about what Faith is going to do and who is in possession of Cordelia's body and what have you, when I come across a link to Glenn Quinn's site. If you're not a fan of Angel, then you probably don't know who Glenn Quinn is. I remember hearing about his death in December, something about a drug (heroin) overdose and the like. Well, obviously the fan site is not going to mention that, but I went to see what the site was like anyway.

That site then led me to the site for the last movie Glenn did, R.S.V.P., and there, I read the following:

RSVP, the black comedy starring Glenn will premiere at the 2002 Slamdunk Film Festival held in Park City, Utah January 13-17. The film's soundtrack features an original score by Mick Muhlfriedel, and songs from Social Distortion, Madness and Rita Marley as well as four new songs from Daniel Ash (Ba[u]haus, Love and Rockets).

(bold and brackets mine)

Can anyone confirm if this is true? Is this old news I missed?

Also, from danielash.org:

Daniel is in the studio working on music for the new Fox/BBC series- Keen Eddie which will air the first part of 2003.

Burning Man x 6 +1 is in stores, featuring over 50 minutes of music with mixes by Morel's Pink Noise, 29 Palms and Moda.

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