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May 27, 2003

Daniel News

lft314 posted links to news on Daniel Ash and his work on Keen Eddie.

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May 22, 2003

More David J news

[From David's site]

Psy Bar DJ Gig
The promotor of The Psy Bar has decided to look for an alternative venue for
this event. Check David's site for information regarding the new location.

I am now resident DJ at a new Sunday night venue in San Diego. Psy Bar Lounge features Electro(clash), Downtempo, Trip Hop and more. It is situated at Club Pure, 8125 Balboa Ave. San Diego.

Admission: $5 All Night, Free B4 10PM With Flyer
Doors open 9PM - 2AM
21+ w/ID

Also, don't miss David's Song Shark notice. I might actually dig up an old beat-style poem I wrote and take advantage. It's tempting.

Finally, on April 28th, he put up a new Floats My Boat list. I'd link to those parts of the site that pertain, but, alas, Mr. J's site is all in Flash and thus unlinkable. You'll just have to poke around until you find the sections I'm talking about.

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URCK Festival news

Don't forget that May 30th is the URCK Festival featuring David J's Cabaret Oscuro. That link will take you to the main hop-frog site and if you click on the pink bunny, you'll get the latest news.

[But man, they should re-do all their graphics. They look like crap.]

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May 08, 2003

I got the blues

Sometimes, I'm walking with an attitude, striding down the street and the song Mickey Rourke Blues just pops -- THUD -- into my mind and I'm always amazed at how it fits so well with walking down the street, the right pace and all. And then I remember that I've got my mp3 player on and it's not just my personal brain soundtrack playing...

Hangin' out on Espinola way
It's better here, Fuck L.A.
Who needs an Oscar anyway?
He sports another bruise
Ray-Bans and Italian shoes...


Here's a live review of David @ Valentine's.

Also, the Pat Fish interview is up at unminded.

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