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August 25, 2003

David J :: Estranged Release

In preparation for the release of Estranged (in September), David has been in the news and on the tongues of many. His name, that is.

Look for him in:

London Daily News
The San Diego Union Tribune
The NY Times (8/25)
The LA Times (8/24)

MTV apparantly made a David J update/announcement on MTV News (8/22). Anyone catch it?

The Estranged Tour will take place next Spring. Look for it!

Next live date: August 30 @ Red Circle, 420 E St., San Diego, CA

Today's musical non-L&R recommendation by bunny: Dawn Landes. Saw her @ Rock in Rockingham. Quite good.

Oh, and did anyone mention that So Alive made it's appearance in Brett Easton Ellis' Rules of Attraction movie? Yes indeedy. It's the background music to one character's masturbation/gay fantasy scene. He's a pillowbiter.

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