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September 22, 2003

David J in Sacramento Art Exhibit

David will be one of six San Diego artists exhibited at the Toyroom Gallery in Sacramento, CA from October 17 - 19.

There is a good biography and some images here.

Oh, and it looks like there will be a live DVD available soon? You can see a sample of it now - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight has been digitized for your pleasure over at David's site.

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September 11, 2003

Book of David's Art to be published

David has updated his site with lots of information on Estranged. You should go there and read up.

He also mentioned that a book featuring his art work will be published by Pie Books of Japan later this year. It will be called The Glittering Darkness. But of course.

How I want a copy! That would be so sublime.

More music I'm listening to that you might enjoy: Lemon Jelly, Takako Minekawa, The Vestrymen

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September 05, 2003

Pre-Order Estranged, Eyewear, and another DJ show

Pre-order Estranged at Heyday.com and you can receive a free David J cd as a bonus. You only need pay shipping for the free cd. (they're the last two choices at the bottom of the page in the Heyday store - I know, took me awhile to find them, too.)

Also, Judy of Urban Blur has a photograph of David up at kirkoriginals.com.

Oooh, chic geek eyewear! 8-)

Finally, David J will be doing an in store appearance at Amoeba Records, Hollywood on October 3 @ 7 pm. Heyday reported that this will be followed by a live show at the Parlour Club @ 11 pm, but neither the PC nor DJ's site mention it, so you might want to call the club.

Today's non-L&R musical recommendation: The White Stripes's Seven Nation Army. I love it!

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