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May 11, 2004

Be la Revolución!

From davidjonline:

Propaganda presents ‘BE THE REVOLUTION’ at The Avalon, Hollywood on Thursday, May 27

A very special launch party for a new monthly club hosted by Shepard Fairey ( Obey / Studio Number One ), David J ( Love & Rockets / Bauhaus ) and Eddie Donaldson ( 'Guerilla One' media events company ). Each event will fly with a fresh theme. On this inaugural night, we shall be invoking the fall of the masters of war with a symbolic burning of the Bush administration. Within this simmering cauldron of revolution, three internationally acclaimed, LA based artists . . . Robbie Conal ( LA Weekly ‘Art Burn’ ) a brilliant draftsman, creator of arch satirical attacks, graphic street bulletins plastered on ad hoc billboards at midnight all over town, Mear-One, The ‘King of Krylon’ graffiti artist who has been ‘getting away with it’ for years as evidenced by his numerous apocalyptic urban chronicles on inner city walls from LA to the Bay and Shepard Fairey, the phenomenal phonomonist, guerilla art bomber supreme. Progenitor of the ‘Obey’ campaign . ( Andre the Giant certainly does have a posse and it’s out to get it’s man! )

All three will come together to create a triptych to express the zeitgeist. A potential art bomb to blast the real ‘axis of evil’ of Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Bush.

Shepard will also be turning in a DJ set along with David J. The decks shall then be employed as a weapon of mass instruction and peace by a big name mystery DJ.

Also in the house, cross cultural, polyglot agit-prop ambassadors, Ozomatli, from the Jurassic 5 camp, scratch master, Cut Chemist and ‘MoveOn’, the phenomenal online grassroots progressive political organization with additional heavy names to be added.

This will be a cross genre grand slam jam to burn down the walls of Babylon not to mention Hollywood and Vine.

More than a club, more than a party, more a revolution and a call to creative arms.


Be there.

Be the revolution!

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