February 04, 2005

Messy news

It was recently pointed out that Messy has a professional site. Added it to the list of official sites.

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October 18, 2002

Messy news

Messy, aka Kevin Haskins and Doug DeAngelis, will be exclusively doing the music on the TV show 'Robbery Homicide Division', airing Friday nights on CBS.

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July 24, 2002


I found a Messy article here:

Messy Are Cleaning Up
Since the demise of Love And Rockets and Tones On Tail, as well as the indeterminable hiatus of Bauhaus, drummer Kevin Haskins has not been kicking back in his La-Z-Boy sipping brewskies and daydreaming about the good ole' undead days. Quite the contrary. Haskins has partnered with producer/engineer Doug DeAngelis (who not only produced Love And Rockets' last album Lift but has also worked with Nine Inch Nails, Pet Shop Boys and Michael Jackson) to create Messy. The duo are breaking new ground in the hugely popular world of video games just as each has pioneered their own music for the past twenty years.

Kevin is one of very few artists to have hit songs in all three of his consecutive bands, while Doug was instrumental in helping to shape the Detroit techno scene in the late 80s, creating the crossover to the industrial music scene in the early 90s, and the crafting of over 30 billboard Number One singles in pop and electronic music.

Based in L.A., Messy are churning out cutting-edge scores for film and TV. Kicking off Messy's latest wave of success are assignments just completed: the first single for the "Myst 3" game soundtrack album, and the score for a new video game called "AI" the interactive companion to Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Kubrick-inspired film of the same name. Both the game and movie come out this June, with "AI" being one of the first games developed for Microsoft's new "X-Box" player.

Messy's previous achievements include scoring the award-winning trailer for Independent Film Channel, the "Unreal Tournament" game sequel (awarded Game of the Year at the 2000 Premier Awards), and the end title music to The Crow III. Messy has written and produced music for Sony Playstation (also used in its trailers and commercials), Disney's series So Weird and the John Wells TV series Third Watch. They also combined forces with Aphex Twin to score a documentary for HBO called Rumspringa, which premieres later this year.

Their film work includes contributions to the Harrison Ford/Michelle Pfeiffer thriller What Lies Beneath and, more excitingly, a collaboration with RED HOT Chili Peppers' Flea and John Frusciante for Allison Anders' latest feature, Things Behind The Sun (premiering on Showtime this fall). The tune is called "A System For Shutting Everything Out." (LYG)

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Doug Deangelis Article

I found this article @ Cakewalk.

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