January 05, 2006

A little redesign is coming

I guess I need to change that style sheet, huh?

Things are going to look a little funky in the meantime, so here are links to the sections:

activity center
unfinished discography
rarely asked questions

OMG, everything is so out of date!

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January 04, 2006


Upgraded, just testing.

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June 22, 2005

NEW Torched Board!

Visit the brand new (and still in progress) Torched Board!

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December 28, 2004

Wizard of Oz

I heard that No New Tale To Tell was used in an ad for the WB's December 19th airing of the Wizard of Oz.

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February 03, 2004

Hiatus Over!

My webhost switched servers without warning last October and caused a whole bunch of unforseen problems for the majority of their customers. Only now have they begun to sort things out with Moveable Type databases. Phew. So we're back and the news should start up again. I've missed being able to update the few tidbits...

But wait no longer, THERE WILL BE BIG BIG NEWS!

I mean HUGE.


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June 13, 2003

L&R rare items

Here's the draft page for things rare and collectible. If you have submissions, send them along!

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May 08, 2003

I got the blues

Sometimes, I'm walking with an attitude, striding down the street and the song Mickey Rourke Blues just pops -- THUD -- into my mind and I'm always amazed at how it fits so well with walking down the street, the right pace and all. And then I remember that I've got my mp3 player on and it's not just my personal brain soundtrack playing...

Hangin' out on Espinola way
It's better here, Fuck L.A.
Who needs an Oscar anyway?
He sports another bruise
Ray-Bans and Italian shoes...


Here's a live review of David @ Valentine's.

Also, the Pat Fish interview is up at unminded.

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April 16, 2003

LIVE Love and Rockets cd and Sorted cd

Raychell posted this tidbit:

Love and Rockets has compiled their best live tracks from their 1987 and 1996 U.S. tours for So Alive. The cd will be released by Psychobaby Records worldwide on May 13, 2003. It is the band's first live release.

A limited quantity of this import is available on the daniel ash and the Love and Rockets websites for $15.00. Pre-order yours today and you'll receive it on May 13, 2003, and your credit card will not be charged until the CD is shipped$15.00 but you can pre-order now at a special price.

Track List

  1. Ball of Confussion
  2. Judgement Day
  3. Natacha
  4. Rock On
  5. Fever
  6. So Alive
  7. Use Me
  8. Sweet F.A.
  9. No New Tale to Tell
  10. Spiked
  11. The Light
  12. Sweet Lover Hangover
  13. Mirror People
  14. The Bubblemen Introduced
  15. 7th Dream of Teenage Heaven
  16. Love Me
  17. It Could Be Sunshine

Amazon link (more expensive)

Meanwhile, Beggar's Banquet is still looking for the lost photographer for the Sorted cd:

LOVE AND ROCKETS - Lost Photographer
'Sorted!' The long awaited best of Love and Rockets is slated for release next year on Beggars Banquet. We would like to include three great live shots of the band but are unable to identify the photographer.

The photographs were taken at The Outdoor Theatre in San Diego on July 19, 1989. We request that the mystery shooter step forward to claim credit and prize. Please contact us through this site using no_spam_webeditor@beggars.com (please remove 'no_spam' before sending the email)

(check the news page, reissue section)

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May 03, 2002


I've been a total slacker.

This is partly because I bought a house and moved in the past few months and partly because I switched webhosts as well. So you can see, there's a lot of housecleaning I have to do.

I'm doing that behind the scenes here, too. Eventually, I'll update some of the news.

I hope you all had/have a chance to catch both the Daniel Ash and David J tours. They are not to be missed - I had a great time at both, actually met some of you out there, and stayed up all night after David's show.

What a blast.

So stay tuned...

Keep tuned to danielash.org and davidjonline.com for the latest information.

Can anyone tell me what Kevin's up to, now that Messy doesn't have an MP3 page anymore?

Oh yeah, and I've listed the remaining David J dates...

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March 04, 2002


Daniel has postponed some dates on his tour due to the car accident that critically injured bassist Patina Creme.

Keep tuned to danielash.org for the latest information.

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February 28, 2002


David will start a tour in March for his new album.

Daniel interview in Blue Tint.

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February 20, 2002


Love & Rockets will release a greatest hits and a DVD in 2002.

Uploaded DA Press Release.

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February 06, 2002


I apologize to all you out there. Things have been incredibly busy for me and will continue to be for the next year. I haven't had time to update anything in a shamefully long time.

There are a few things of which you should be aware:

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November 27, 2001


Added flyers for the 12.01.01 DJ show @ the Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC.

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October 24, 2001


Added link to http://bauhaus.poptopix.com in pop up window.

Updated a bit of news.

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August 23, 2001


Updated news, new David J site link.

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August 01, 2001


I have some news to add, alas, there just isn't enough time anymore. I promise to update soon, though. On a personal note, I got engaged to my sweetie last month. We met nearly three years ago on a now-defunct Love and Rockets message board. :)

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June 29, 2001


David J, Daniel Ash, and Jazz Butcher news added.

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June 14, 2001


At the request of a Mac user with an older browser, the font size has been increased. Although I love the smaller font size, I, too, am a Mac user at home, and understand her pain. :) I hope that makes it easier for everyone!

Activities are still lacking but the Discography has a few more entries [alas, not too many pictures yet].

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June 06, 2001


Ah, back in business. Well, kinda.

Activities are curtailed and the Discography and Archives are a bit messy.
Not Messy, messy.

News should work, though.

And that's what you really want, right?

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