Daniel Ash


The New Solo Album from

Daniel Ash

(Love & Rockets, Bauhaus)


Coming February 2001

From Psychobaby Records


* First Single "Spooky " impacts Commercial Alternative radio January 2002
* Remixes of Spooky by Superstar DJ Keoki and D.J. Freeze
*  "Come Alive" is the featured song on NBC's official Winter Olympic Extreme sports website
* North American Tour March and April 2002- featuring Daniel Ash solo
   material as well as Tones on Tail and Love & Rockets




Daniel Ash has one of the most impressive resumes in rock history. With
Love And Rockets, he fashioned such alternative staples as "No New Tail
to Tell," "Ball of Confusion," and the 1989 Top Five smash "So Alive."
"Go," the massive 1984 club hit by his Tones On Tail project, has been
featured in such movies as Grosse Pointe Blank, and is currently show
cased in a massive TV and radio ad campaign for Starburst candies. And
let us not forget his role in influential band Bauhaus, and the immortal
1979 single "Bela Legosi's Dead."

But that was then, and this is now. In the wake of the final Love And
Rockets full-length, and more significantly Bauhaus' massive 1998
reunion tour, Daniel was determined to make a clean break from his past
and test his creative faculties. "I'm taking a big chance here, because
everybody else wanted to continue doing Bauhaus, and I stuck it out. I
didn't want to be in a band any longer," he explains. "It was time to
move on and work with different people. Or on my own. Anything apart
from working with the same guys one more time."

The creative foundation for this self-titled album lay in his inventive
approach to beats and rhythm. "The vast majority of my solo stuff
started with drums, not guitars," he reveals. "It's been this way for
many years now. It's all about getting the drums  right, using the drums
and bass guitar to write the fundamental parts of the track. I needed
the change. Just doing it with a guitar got very boring. I can't do that
any more; I just find it a very cliched, old-fashioned way of working."

Sounding contemporary, without swapping one set of clichés for another,
posed unique challenges. "There's a hell of a lot of competition out
there. At one point, I was concerned the record was going to sound like
a little Chemical Brothers knock-off or something," he confesses. "I
love techno and electronica, and obviously I'm influenced by that music,
but there's other people like Deep Dish who can do that better than me.
But the way it's worked out, it's got my character all over it; it's
quite eclectic."

Indeed, the results on Daniel Ash are as diverse and variegated as all
the previous undertakings in its namesake's career. For the first
single, Daniel puts a sotto voice spin with vocals recorded on a
twelve-dollar microphone on the Classics IV's 1968 hit "Spooky." "One of
my friends in LA was cutting my hair, and I heard Dusty Springfield's
version of it come over the salon PA system, and I thought, 'Wow!' I
really related to that lyric, so I did it as a bit of fun. It took a day
to record, which is a really good sign."

The slow and sinister "Trouble," with its disquieting phased vocals, is
an alternate version of Daniel's contribution (with collaborator Adrian
Utley of Portishead) to the soundtrack of American Psycho. "Kid 2000"
features Daniel's nephew reading a found text full of visions of a
future that now lies in our past. "When I was working with Adrian in
Bristol, I went to a cafe. And I saw a flier, an advert for a weekend
dance or something, in this little kid's handwriting. It was those
words, and I loved them." Just for auld lang syne, "Mastermind" slips in
a musical quote from Tones on Tail's "Christian Says."

"Walk on The Moon," lyrics came together at a small gathering late one
night at Twiggy's (bassist for Marilyn Manson) house, Sean Penn was
reading spoken word and I got this idea about having Mila singing these
lyrics that became "Walk on The Moon," she was a singer before she
became a known via movies."

Despite its title, "The Money Song," a propulsive mix of quasi-Middle
Eastern percussion and funky bass, is not Daniel's indictment of
capitalism. Quite the contrary. "It's not a criticism, just an
observation. There is an obsession in the West for obtaining money, and
lots of it. It's a double-edged sword, that one. Because money isn't
evil in itself; it's just a way of obtaining what you want. If used
properly, it's a ticket to freedom. But if it's abused, then it gets
people into a lot of trouble."

Although work on the album began two years ago, when Daniel was sharing
a house in Los Angeles with DJ Keoki (the two recently collaborated on
the title track of Keoki's album Jealousy), the bulk of the recording
was completed during a seven month period after he set up his own
studio, secreted away in his new digs north of LA. Once again,
independence was a key factor in building his own recording space. "I
wanted something where I didn't have to share with anybody else." Aside
from contributions by multi-instrumentalist/singer Patina Creme, and
engineer Reb, the vast majority of sounds on Daniel Ash were produced by
the master himself.

Considering the undercurrent of tension running through Daniel Ash, it's
not surprising to hear his state of mind during recording was far from
sunny. "I was pretty emotionally drained, most of the time that I was
making it," he admits. And that's a positive thing. "Good music doesn't
come from being content; it comes from the opposite of that. It comes
from a passion, a fire."

As befits an artist who says his greatest achievement was seeing "So
Alive" climb to #3 on the Billboard charts, Daniel has high expectations
for his latest project. "I'm really hoping it's going to be commercially
successful. I don't want to sell ten copies; I want to sell thousands.
And not just from a financial point of view, but for the satisfaction.
I've always wanted that kind of commercial success, right back to the
Bauhaus days, although people think I haven't. If I could write a hit
song two or three times a year, I'd be totally thrilled, but it's not in
my blood to do that."

After 20+ years making music, with three of the world's most influential
bands, Daniel Ash is starting once more from scratch. Crazy? Perhaps.
But he wouldn't have it any other way. "I'd rather clean windows than do
stuff that I didn't want to do." For now, the world will have to make
due with one less window-washer, and savor Daniel Ash instead.

"Jesus flies when you're having fun."


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