This site isn't serious nor is it particularly informative [although it likes to pretend it is]. I swear that it's not like I have an obsession or anything...unless it's with code.

The layout is a bit different but you'll find the information hasn't really changed. I've just done a little updating. So start exploring the museum...don't get lost!

Why do I bother, you ask, now that Love and Rockets have broken up? Good question. I suppose I just don't want to trash the site. I'm a pack rat. Also, since all the other sites have gone by the wayside as their creators lost interest, I think there's even more of a need to keep this site. Maybe I'll keep this site up forever.

But there are no guarantees.

17 May 2001

Note: This scrapbook of sorts actually began in the summer of 1989. Out of sheer boredom and at a loss with what to do with my life, I took all the stuff that I'd been saving since 1983 and made my own Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/etc. scrapbook [something that scarily resembles Beneath The Mask]. It was completely time-consuming but since I had no job, it helped pass the time. So in 1996, with the advent of newer technology, I could not resist turning my hobby into a silly homage to Love and Rockets on the Web. And although my interest has waxed and waned, I still like to keep track of what they're up to.