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A Brief Introduction


David J and Kevin Haskins are brothers who have been, in their careers, one half of Bauhaus and two-thirds of Love and Rockets. But you already know that.

David J has released a number of solo albums, produced a Jazz Butcher album as well as playing with the Jazz Butcher for a short time. He's collaborated with Rene Halkett, created mayhem with Alan Moore, played bass for a few Spahn Ranch songs, remixed Information Society, and expounded about Jack Kerouac. Currently, he sells some items on ebay, is working on a new solo effort, and DJs for a price.

Kevin was in Tones on Tail after Bauhaus and before Love and Rockets and Bauhaus mk. 2. He also worked briefly with Jazz Butcher, remixed music like Gene Loves Jezebel & Bow Wow Wow, and recently toured with Peter Murphy. Currently, he continues to be a mixmaster and also creates music with Messy, a project he has with Doug Deangelis. Messy has licensed music to a Sony Playstation game, and worked with Jessika from Jack Off Jill and Flea.

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As usual, this is old, old stuff.
Dave & Kev


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